We build trust ecosystems that puts you in control.

Our trust ecosystems span various industries, from protecting academic certificates against fraud to tracking services available to children with learning disabilities.


Our Ecosystems scale to millions of credentials. You have millions of customers? We scale seamlessly.


Invest in Adena Ecosystem.

The Adena Ecosystem brings together Universities and colleges as issuers, employers as Verifiers and students as holders. We are looking for investors to support us take the innovation to the market.

Credentials issued annually in Kenya
Credentials in the Market are fake
of Universities and organizations issue paper based credentials
of Employers say verification is time consuming and expensive

Our experts

Frugal Ecosystems has inhouse skills for leveraging AI, Blockchain and SSI!

Alfred AsandeFounder & CEOalfred@frugal.africa
Alfred has a background in Information Sciences with over 15 years of experience supporting both public and private organizations to optimize technology. He brings on board skills im Design Thinking, Programming and inclusion.
Robert OtembaFounder & Director Marketingrobert@frugal.africa
Robert has a background in marketing with 15 years of experience. He founded Blockcert Africa and learned from its failure.
Evans OmbukiFounder & Director Financeevans@frugal.africa
Evans has over 25 years in Finance and planning. He has extensive knowledge of private sector and brings invaluable experience to frugal.
Dr. Moses MokayaFounder & Director Relations and Partnershipsmoses@frugal.africa
Dr. Mokaya is the lead Relationships and Partnerships focusing specifically on Adena Ecosystems where he onboards Universities and colleges. He has 12 years of experience teaching in Secondary schools and Universities in Kenya