Inclusive Education
Children with Disabilities were
enrolled in school in 2021.
This is only 11% of the 2.1M
Children with Disabilities
expected in school in 2021.
Children with Disabilities
were expected to be
enrolled in 2021. This
number excludes Children
with learning disabilities
who remain unidentified.

According to UNICEF, in East and Southern Africa, nearly 29 million children with disabilities are still being left behind despite the aspirations laid out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Earlier identification of disability would allow children with disabilities to receive the support they need sooner, access more effective interventions, transition and thrive in school.

Our Approach

Our solution is called Adena. Functional assessments in Adena are about understanding a child's unique needs and challenges, not just their disability label. We see functional assessments as the foundation for building a personalized learning journey that empowers every child with a disability to enrol, learn and transition in public schools.

Key Challenges

01 Functional Assessments

In Kenya, functional assessments are carried out by EARCs, working together with multidisciplinary teams. However, Multidiscplinery teams are not in place making this process both ineffective and inefficient, carrying out just about 35,000 assessments per year. Adena supports multidisplinery functional assessments at scale through County hospitals, scaling assessments to milions of children per year.

Adena Solution

Adena Benefits
  1. Reaching Every Child: Adena brings multidisciplinary assessments to County hospitals, bridging the gap between rural communities and crucial support services. No more long journeys, just accessible care close to home.
  2. Data Driven Learning: Adena unlocks data silos. Assessment, intervention, and IEP data are securely stored in personal digital wallets, giving families and stakeholders control and insights to drive personalized learning journeys.
  3. Personalized Interventions: Adena uses AI to analyze data from assessments, interventions, and disability-specific resources to craft effective, personalized interventions. No more one-size-fits-all approach, just targeted support for optimal outcomes.
  4. Seamless Support Network: Adena connects families with local intervention providers, reducing travel burden and building a robust community support system. Healthcare, schools, and families work together, ensuring every child receives the right care, right when they need it.
  5. Sustainability and Scalability: Overreliance on individual efforts and manual processes hinders the long-term sustainability and scalability of support systems. Adena's digital platform and standardized approaches offer a replicable and sustainable model for improving service delivery across the country.


Children who are out of school miss out on the opportunities and benefits of education, such as developing skills, knowledge, and confidence, and participating in social and economic activities.

Frugal uses technology and partnerships to support children with Disabilities enroll and transition in school.

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